Lincolnshire Libraries Online

Lincolnshire Libraries offer a variety of online resources to support your studies and if you would like to visit a local public library, Grantham Library is conveniently situated upstairs opposite Morrisons in the Isaac Newton Shopping Centre.

You can access the on line resources while you are resident at Harlaxton College, without having to visit a public library by registering with Lincolnshire Libraries.

Registering with Lincolnshire Libraries

1. To register online visit this page

2. Complete the form. You are only required to give the information indicated by an asterix. Your nearest library will be Grantham (select in drop down list). Use Harlaxton College as your residential address (see top right of screen). Do not use your home address in U.S. 

3. Reach and accept the Library Terms and Condition.

4. Important: Remember to make a note of your chosen PIN and Library Borrower Number.

You can now access the online resources provided by Lincolnshire Libraries, including the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and the Times Digital Archive.

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Updated by AH, 26/10/2021

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