Honors Research Skills

Seven stages of research for your Honors Research paper

  1. Take time to think about your research topic and plan how you are going to approach it. Consider your main themes, historical context, key people and appropriate keywords for searching. It’s alright to use Wikipedia at this stage just to get broad definitions and ideas, but it is not considered to be a scholarly source for in depth research.
  2. Start at the College Library online catalogue http://lib.harlaxton.ac.uk and search for books and resources relating to your research topic.
    Make a note of the author, title and shelf number and see if you can find some of the resources.
  3. Your research should include a consideration or review of a variety of scholarly sources relating to your topic.
    See https://harlaxtoncollegelibrary.com/study/sources/.
  4. Search some of the journal databases available via University of Evansville Libraries http://www.evansville.edu/libraries/findAZDatabases.cfm in particular JSTOR, Ebscohost, Project Muse.
    See https://harlaxtoncollegelibrary.com/study/journals/.
  5. Look at some subject gateways for good quality academic websites. https://harlaxtoncollegelibrary.com/study/subject-gateways/.
  6. Don’t just scratch the surface with Google, search the deep web. See https://harlaxtoncollegelibrary.com/study/deep-web/
    and try Google Scholar http://scholar.google.co.uk/.
  7. Finally, carry out an advanced Internet search using search strings and operators such as AND, OR and NOT.
    See https://harlaxtoncollegelibrary.com/study/internet/.

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