Journal Databases

How can I access Journal databases?

When carrying out research for your Term Paper you are expected to use a minimum of five scholarly sources. (See British Studies Course Handbook).
Journal articles noted on the British Studies Course Handbook Further Reading list may be accessed
directly from JSTOR
or Project MUSE
or via the other databases accessed via University of Evansville Libraries A-Z Journals.

How do I use a journal database?

Each database provider has a Help section somewhere on their website, but here are links to a few basic guides:
JSTOR Getting started guide
How to use JSTOR guide
Basic search tutorial
Advanced search tutorial
PROJECTMUSE Introduction to searching and other user guides.
If you have problems finding suitable material or searching the databases, please ask the College Librarian.

Quick links to some of the journals that you will be using for British Studies
Journal links

Page updated by LD, 17/01/2018

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