Scholarly Sources

What is a scholarly source?

For your British Studies Term Paper you are expected to refer to at least five scholarly sources. A scholarly source can be in the form of an article in an academic journal that has been peer-reviewed or refereed by fellow experts in the field, or it can be an academic textbook, again written by an expert in the field and often published by a well-known, reputable publisher such as a University Press.

These websites present helpful definitions and comparisons of scholarly sources:
Scholarly sources


Where do I find scholarly sources?

The College Library is an excellent place to start. The books in the Library have been purchased to support your studies at Harlaxton and many have been recommended by your Professors.
You can search the Library catalogue online at: Please ask the College Librarian or Library staff if you need help with finding books and resources within the Library.

Online journals

The following journals are particularly recommended as being scholarly sources. You can access many journals online through University of Evansville Libraries website

Starting places:

See Journal Databases page for searching tips.

Examples of scholarly journals: American Historical Review; Eighteenth Century Studies; English Historical Review (EHR); History; History Today; Journal of British Studies; Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History; Journal of Victorian Culture; Past and Present; Scottish Historical Review; Speculum; Transactions of the Royal Historical Society (TRHS).

Have a look at this online tutorial


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