Website Evaluation

Before using information from a website ask yourself …

  1. Who has written the webpage? There should be an author clearly shown at the bottom of at least the home page.
  2. What are the aims of the site?
  3. Does the site achieve its aims?
  4. Is the site relevant to me? Is it aimed at my age group and level? Is the information presented relevant to my studies.
  5. Can the information be checked?
  6. How old is the site? There should be a date on the home page.
  7. Is the information biased in any way? Does it only present one side of an argument or only one person’s opinion?
  8. Does the site give you choice, advice, present other ideas?

Source: QUality Information cheCKlist online [accessed 28/09/2010] not longer available.

Don’t forget to cite all websites used in your research. You will need to check on the relevent Referencing guide for advice on how to do this.


Useful websites

Website evaluation

  • Five Criteria for Evaluating Web Pages   Jim Kapoun, “Teaching Web Evaluation to Undergrads,” College and Research Libraries News, July/August 1998: 522-523.

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