International Relations

International Relations and Global Politics

Library resources

Resources on International Relations and Global Economics can be found in the 300 section of the Library as follows: 320 Political science 321 Systems of governments & states 322 Relation of state to organized groups 323 Civil & political rights 324 The political process 325 International migration & colonization 326 Slavery & emancipation 327 International relations 328 The legislative process 330 Economics 331 Labor economics 332 Financial economics 333 Land economics 334 Cooperatives 335 Socialism & related systems 336 Public finance 337 International economics 338 Production 339 Macroeconomics & related topics 340 Law 341 International law

Online resources

Access to the following e-resources and databases within Harlaxton College is via University of Evansville Libraries.

FT = full text; PFT = partly full text

Political Science & International Studies

Related websites

International Relations


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